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In the online shopping boom, where customers have more choice than ever, delivery time and price tag dictate everything. Retailers need to pull out all the tricks to deliver value for the money.

The power tools market is estimated to grow from 29 billion EUR in 2019 to 38 billion EUR by 2024. In such a competitive and expansive market, how do retailers know they’re getting the best stock at the best price?  That’s where procurement services can be a secret help!

How procurement services benefit retailers

Procurement services can be an invaluable resource for retailers. They help retailers of all sizes to find the best wholesale offers for products from a range of vendors, saving retailers time and effort of approaching vendors themselves. This means that retailers can focus their time and attention on delivering customer service and business growth. 

Access to wholesalers all across Europe

With extensive wholesale networks, procurement services can source products from anywhere in Europe and often at far better rates or fees than any official importers in your country. 

Flexible financing

Flexible financing options help to maintain positive cash flow when needed and open up an opportunity to purchase more stock for resale. At Toolsale we search value for money and offer trade credit (subject to terms and conditions) through 3rd party providers. Read more about the advantages and benefits of trade credit here.

Alternative supplier

Being stuck with a single vendor can be restrictive and costly for the retailer. Choose a procurement service provider who has established its network. Remember – procurement service is a partner who negotiates on your behalf.


Peace of mind for the retailer

Both you and your clients need to know that the products you order through a procurement service are safe and serviceable. Make sure that your procurement service can help you with the warranty in your country. 

How do procurement services work?

It couldn’t be simpler;

  • Retailer requests a quote 
  • Procurement service provider sources through their vendors to bring you the best offers
  • Retailer accepts the offer 
  • Procurement service manages the shipping process and keeps retailer updated
  • Retailer enjoys hassle-free insured shipping 


Work smarter, not harder!

If you are looking for a procurement provider or have any questions about power tools, shipping, financing, or insurance, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.