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Toolsale helps retailers to increase their profit margin by finding better wholesale offers for power tools and do-it-yourself brands

We’ll be a part of your procurement team in the case when you are looking for power tools, home improvement, construction, electrical materials and DIY brands! Our purpose is to find out the best wholesale prices from Europe and make these offers available to all of our retail customers.

Why use Toolsale as your procurement partner?

Reduce costs 

We use our wholesale network to help you lower purchase costs for resale items and grow your profit margin.

Save time

We’ll save you time by finding the exact product or brand you’re looking for, at the best possible price.

Access to the Best Deals

Enjoy access to incredible deals, discounts, and promotions from around Europe that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Grow profit margin

 Improve your company liquidity by getting the longer payment deadline up to 120 days.

Toolsale offers flexible financing options

Flexible financing options help to maintain positive cash flow when needed and open up an opportunity to purchase more stock for resale. At Toolsale we search value for money and offer trade credit (subject to terms and conditions) through 3rd party providers.

We give you peace of mind

If you have any additional questions, you can get more detailed information HERE

As we highly value your privacy, we have applied all the precautions to keep your information securely protected. If you have any questions or propositions, please contact us at info@toolsale.eu or call +372 5208767. The website owner is Innover OÜ, VAT – EE101971999, Estonia.

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